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John and Barbara Dunnet have been farming in Nannup and the Scott River since 1982 but their family history in the area goes back much, much further!  The Dunnet family have been farming in the Nannup Shire since 1905 and in the Scott River since 1907 so you can well and truly say that farming runs in the family!  Barbara and John own and operate Black Point Grass Fed Natural Beef (Trading as Milyeanup Pastoral Company) with their 1861 hectares stocked with 550 prime beef breeders and the pair turn out 7-800 premium grass fed animals for the trade weight beef market each year.    

Both John and Barbara are 4th generation farmers and the last 35 years have seen them grow a huge range of crops including wheat, barley, hemp, potatoes, canola and they've also run sheep for wool and lambs, but they have now focused their attention on producing the best quality grass fed beef.  They love working with their animals and strive for continuous improvement with the production systems, raising the animals so that the meat is healthy and safe for humans (and incredibly tasty!).  They have implemented soil management programs that manage, replenish and improve the soil biology and fertility which leads to high quality pasture and a healthy environment.  

John and Barbara are extremely passionate about the agriculture industry and run the farm on their own with the assistance of a farm hand but they are thrilled to soon see family members returning home to assist in running the business.  Barbara says that in her experience agriculture is a continually evolving industry “with farmers having to adapt and grow to stay in the business.  No two days are the same and because we work outdoors it gives a sense of freedom – we work in harmony with the environment”.

The majority of their delicious grass-fed beef is sold through a Perth company who distributes it to local markets such as IGAs.  However the Black Point Beef is available at The Bunbury Farmers' Market and the Capel Butchers.

For more information about Barbara, John and their farm and farming practices please visit:


Black Point Grass Fed Beef