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John and Linda Stanley have been associated with the farming industry for over 40 years as farm direct marketing consultants working mostly with farmers in North America and Europe.  They have always had a real love for fresh, healthy and unique products and in 2013 they decided that is was time to follow their hearts and buy a farm of their own to develop value added farm products to sell direct to customers.  So in November of that year, they purchased Chestnut Brae, a 70 acre sweet chestnut and daffodil farm located in Carlotta in the Blackwood Valley region, 10 minutes south of Nannup.  Their 1000 sweet chestnut trees will be ready for harvest in April through to June and John and Linda are working on a range of chestnut based products including chestnut jam, puree, chutney, salt and sugar.  As well as the chestnuts, they also have 16 pecan trees, 2 walnut trees and a plum orchard and are in the process of developing their lines of chestnut fed pork, lamb and turkey.  

They are both very passionate about sustainable farming and are developing their farm using holistic management principles to protect and develop the soil biology and fertility and produce exceptional premium farm produce.  

Chestnut Brae products are sold at various farmer's markets, selected boutique retailers and online through their website.  To find out more about Chestnut Brae please visit:


Or check out their Facebook page


Or email:


Chestnut Brae