Where can I get Cash?

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Where can I get Gas Bottles?

If I experience an emergency who should I contact?

When are the house rubbish bins emptied?

Where do I apply for a permit to burn?

Where can I get Firewood, Mulch and Sawdust?

Can I hire a canoe in Nannup?

Where can I find a Justice of the Peace?

Does Nannup have a Library?

Is there a local Nannup newspaper?

Who are our local Members of Parliament?

Where do I report power outages?

Is there a local telephone directory?

Yes copies available at the Post Office or the CRC ($5)

How can I contact the Nannup Police?

When are WA public Holidays?

Are there storage units in Nannup?

Yes Contact Ray White Real Estate (08) 9756 1666

Where is the local Tip?

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Where are the public toilets in Nannup?

Where can I find the Bus Timetable?

Transwa Timetable

Southwest Coach Lines Timetable

Busselton to Nannup School Bus (takes non school passengers)

What mobile phone coverage is there in the shire?

Telstra coverage map

Optus coverage map

Vodafone coverage map

Where is the Tiger?

Where can I get fuel?

BP: 70 Warren Road - Open weekdays 6am - 6pm. Saturday & Sunday 7am -6pm.

Nannup Deli: 59 Warren Road - Open Everyday 6am - 8pm

Dracom Services

20 Walter Street

Nannup Western Australia 6275

Phone: 0414 986 525

Email: derek@dracom.com.au

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