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Bee Winfield and partner Stewart Seesink own and run 'Merri Bee Organic Farmacy' with farms in Nannup and Karridale, and they have been growing and selling their amazing organic produce for over 10 years.  With an enormous range of products including fantastic free range eggs, delicious fruits, nuts, vegetables and meat and scrumptious jams, preserves and breads Bee and Stew operate by the main Permaculture principles of  'Care of Earth' and 'Care of People'.    As Bee says, they love feeding people the “good stuff” and there is nothing they like better then chatting to their customers at the Margaret River Farmers' Market and hearing that their produce is the best they've ever had and tastes like food should!  They are both very proactive in supplying direct to their customer and not only can their produce be found at the weekly Margaret River Farmers' Market but they also service direct orders to the farm.  

Bee and Stew have a huge passion for composting and soil biology and have over the years learnt and developed their wonderful and fascinating compost techniques.  They produce their own compost and have seen the remarkable results of increasing the soil biology on their properties.       

With a keen interest and enthusiasm for Permaculture (with Stewart completing his Permaculture Design Certificate with Geoff Lawton in 2008 and Bee completing hers in 2009)  Bee began teaching and demonstrating Permaculture after completing a Permaculture Teaching Certificate in 2010, and a course with Robyn Clayfield in 2012 entitled “Teaching Permaculture Creatively” and they both very much enjoy sharing the knowledge that they have gained over many years of organic farming.  Both Bee and Stewart couldn't agree more with Geoff Lawton who says “You can solve ALL the world's problems in a garden”.  

For more information about Merri Bee Organic Farmacy and it's wonderful products please contact Bee and Stewart at:


(08) 9756 1408


or check out their Facebook page:


Bee Winfield and Stewart Seesink – Merri Bee Organic Farmacy