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With a 110 year farming family history, you can safely say that Kim Dunnet has beef farming running through his veins!  Kim and his wife Kerrie, along with Kim's parents Sandy and David own and operate OM Dunnet & Co, running approximately 700 head of first cross Angus/Friesian cows on their 2 properties in Nannup and Scott River.  Their premium 'milk vealer' calves are sold when they reach 9-10 months of age and weigh no less than 420 kg with the majority sold in the Perth domestic market with the remainder grown out for export.

Kim grew up farming with his dad on the same properties he does now and always enjoyed it right from a young age.  The spirited teenager went away to boarding school, spent some time travelling and having adventures and returned as an 18 year old, snapping up Kerrie, a Kalgoorlie girl living in Busselton.  Now married for 20 years and with two children, both Kim and Kerrie are still loving the lifestyle and challenge of running over 1000 hectares of grazing land.   Kim has a keen interest in pasture management and soil health and has implemented rotational grazing and other techniques to increase stocking rates while still protecting and building the quality of his soil.  Their son Jaymon is completing a Metal Fabrication apprenticeship but still helps out on the farm and is interested in one day following in his Dad's footsteps and becoming the 5th generation Dunnet to continue farming in Nannup.  Daughter Taylor is keen to explore the other side of the paddock to plate journey and is currently undergoing a chef apprenticeship – being brought up on the best quality and freshest meat around must have had an influence!  

Both Kim and Kerrie absolutely love what they do, especially the freedom that comes with running their own farm and the ability to make their own decisions day to day, week to week and year to year.  They have such a strong connection and history with their farm and are exceptionally proud of the premium beef product they produce.  

Kim and Kerrie Dunnet - OM Dunnet & Co.